Arianna Stoner

Scarlet's new hair

Benny and Scarlet
Charlotte is a fledgling vampire. She is also a mermaid, partially. She is has dark brown hair with chesnut highlights.. She has a small crush on Benny and has not kissed him, but has texted him numerous times. She's a rebel, like Erica, and loves to throw parties.. She is recently "on hold" with her boyfriend. Harley.


Erica- present - Just became friends

Benny - 2006 to present - They are neighbors and family friends, and he is her crush.

Ethan - 2008 to present - They were in a class together.

Rory - 2010 to present - Rory dropped his lunch on her

Sarah - 1995 to present - Cousins

Harley - Present - "On Hold" Boyfriend

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